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5 Eco-Conscious Essentials for Your Active Pet

Posted by Scott James on

5 Eco-Conscious Essentials for Your Active Pet | Living Deep

Summer is approaching and you’re looking forward to spending time with your dog in the great outdoors. From the mountains to the beach, soaking up the sunshine with your furry friend provides health benefits that promote longevity and vitality for you both. If you’re considering a hike or camping trip this summer we encourage you to stock up on sustainable hiking gear for dogs,  which will not only ensure the safety of your pet but also make for a more streamlined adventure. From hiking to camping and even climbing, check out our roundup of sustainable hiking gear for dogs, a durable investment for every adventure that awaits.


1. Safety First 

The Pet First Aid Kit by Little Pine provides complete peace of mind. With this first aid kit designed specially for dogs, you are prepared for any and all surprises. This “Backcountry Essential” was designed by an emergency veterinarian and includes key medical supplies and extra items to help combat extreme conditions, so you and your pet can hike and camp safely together.

2. What a Treat

The Cork & Upcycled Gore-tex Treat Pouch is a versatile and sustainable addition to your hiking gear,  perfect for hiking and camping with your pet. Easy-to-reach and waterproof, this pouch is great for training or simply snacking on-the-go.


3. Dinner is Served

Made from the same upcycled Gore-tex as the Treat Pouch, the Little Pine Trail Bowl is an amazing alternative to a traditional metal dog bowl. Simple to fold and unfold quickly, use this gear for feeding your furry friend on a hike or camping trip. We love this for its understated design and cork tab for connecting to your backpack easily, taking up zero pack space. 


4. Walk the Line


Little Pine’s use of repurposed materials shines in their Upcycled Climbing Rope Leash. Finished with real climbing hardware, this innovative and eco-friendly handmade pet accessory is equally as beautiful as it is useful. Whether you're taking your pet on a casual stroll through the park or on a multi-day climbing adventure, the Upcycled Climbing Rope leash is sure to come in handy.


5. When Ya Gotta Go

A true pet staple, the upcycled Gore-Tex Poop Bag Dispenser will carry you through all seasons. This elegant and sustainable hiking gear is designed to hold a standard bag of compostable waste bags and boasts an understated design that complements all of your Little Pine accessories. Easy to maneuver and access, the velcro-clad tabs secure perfectly to your pups leash or harness.

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