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An Inside Look

Posted by Scott James on

An Inside Look | Living Deep

Two years ago we set out on the ambitious mission to create a collection of furniture that surpassed all green furniture standards. Through tireless research, deep development and strategic partnerships we proudly achieved our goal in bringing you a groundbreaking, best-in-class product, which we appropriately named the World’s Greenest Collection. 

Sustainable furniture designers sitting on eco friendly couch from the World’s Greenest™ Collection, perhaps the best sustainable furniture brand

To help realize our vision, we knew we needed the right team. With a history of building exceptional furniture while maintaining a larger commitment to socially responsible and sustainable furniture design, Aimee Robison was the perfect partner. Robinson and her team worked with Architect Jason F. McLennan (cofounder of Living Deep) to ensure the quality of our inaugural green furniture collection was unparalleled while maintaining the elevated aesthetic you’ve come to expect from the Living Deep marketplace. ​​“The World’s Greenest Sofa and the World’s Greenest Lounge Chair are just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside.” says Robinson whose expert team carefully considered all materials sourced for the project. 

High quality, organic fabric being sewn for the World’s Greenest™ Furniture collection, one of the best environmentally friendly furniture brands with no anti-crush formaldehyde finish FSC certified beech wood sofa frame being built for World’s Greenest™ Furniture collection, perhaps the most sustainable furniture brandOrganic Fabric Cut for Sustainable Furniture Alt text: Cut of sustainable, organic fabric being prepared for highly eco-friendly furniture Making of Ethical Wool Sofa Cushion Alt text: Ethically sourced, handmade wool sofa cushion being stuffed with soft wool

The World’s Greenestsofa, lounge chair, and ottoman begin with a frame structured with FSC Certified beech wood. The cushions use RDS Certified down and natural latex and the pieces are finished with 100% organic fabrics. To create a product this efficient while offering an array of gorgeous fabric and color options was a true mission in discovery that took our team around the world. Together with Robinson, we sourced the highest quality Merino wool from Germany, hemp from Romania, and cotton from Texas. The leathers used (IVN, Biokreis and ECARF Certified) are fair trade and ethically sourced from farms that support the full life cycle of animals. Tucked away in the Netherlands from a mill that has been masterfully weaving fine velvets since 1773, our Methow fabric stands the test of time. This luxurious velvet is free from the anti-crush formaldehyde finish ubiquitous on all velvets that prevent crushing. It is a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified fabric and free from all toxic chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals and offered in stunning rich jewel tones. The Methow is just one of the fabric options that we discovered on our path of sustainable furniture research where all roads lead back to Seattle, Washington, to the workshop that would assemble the World’s Greenest Furniture with the help and care from an incredible team of master craftsmen. Crafted, stuffed, and stitched by hand, the  World’s Greenest Furniture is finally ready to ship to your home where it will live for generations to come. 

 Green sofa, both in color and sustainability, in World’s Greenest™ Furniture collection, perhaps the most sustainable furniture brand

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