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Here Comes the Sun

Posted by Scott James on

Here Comes the Sun | Living Deep

Spring is in full swing and this year we challenge you to extend your refresh efforts to the backyard, where your family will be spending plenty of time in the sunshine. Living Deep offers an array of sustainable outdoor alternatives for adults and children alike, breathing fresh air into your outdoor landscape while aligning it with your values. From a multi-functional landscaping program to new and sustainable outdoor accessories, we’ve gathered our favorite ideas to carry you through the season.


  1. Thrive Lot Edible Landscaping

Thrive Lot is your new one-stop solution for a bountiful home garden. This unique agroecological system is multi-functional and beautiful while providing a diverse harvest for your family to enjoy every year. When activating a Thrive Lot membership, Living Deep will pair you with a master grower to help realize your multi-functional landscape vision, carefully considering ways to maximize the surface area of your space while ensuring your edible landscape is in harmony with its natural surroundings. Once your Stewardship Plan is in place, Thrive Lot offers periodic checkups and maintenance to ensure your garden continues to thrive.

Kids in the Spring Garden

  1. Ting Sling Designer Hammocks

Nothing beats a long afternoon lounging in a hammock. Ting Studio offers the perfect hammock upgrade to enhance your relaxation experience. Most traditional hammocks wear easily over time and are not built to ergonomically support your body. The Ting Sling was developed mapping the contours of the human body to create a more comfortable and stable experience. Developed by Inghua Ting and Niki Smart who met while studying Constructed Textiles and Vehicle Design respectively, the Ting Sling is a clear representation of their expertise. Each Ting Sling is handwoven by skilled craftsmen using tough nylon seat belts and constructed with stainless steel hardware for ample durability.

Couple Relaxing in Hammocks

  1. Wiwiurka Sustainable Outdoor Toys

Crafted in Tepoztlán, México using Mexican Pinewood and European Birch Plywood, Wiwiurka toys are sustainable and design forward - a rarity among childrens toys. Their Balance beam is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option for toddlers, kindergarteners and older children, helping to develop key motor skills and confidence while having fun and encouraging creativity. The beam can easily be taken from indoors to outdoors giving you and your children flexibility. From a pirate plank to a mountain's edge, you'll love the imaginative landscapes the Wiwiurka Balance Beam will take your children. 

Toddler Balancing

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