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Jaynie Crimmins is a Harlem based artist whose work embodies the intersection of art and consumer culture. By repurposing solicitations, security envelopes, and catalogs that are difficult to recycle (because their inks have high concentrations of heavy metals), she creates objects using a repetitive practice mirroring domestic tasks. Shredding these promotional materials breaks down their physical and ascribed composition so she can roll, fold, sew and fabricate the shreds into intimate sculptural reliefs. 


The decorative surfaces of her work contain thousands of tiny components. Each incorporates a fragment of information or imagery from mass marketing tools promoting the notions of beauty, wealth and taste. Formulaic messages become works representing personal, domestic and cultural narratives - their forms inspired by plant structures, architectural details, and geometric applications of design.

Career Highlights - Featured at ART on PAPER NYC; Exhibited at the Sharjah Museum of Art during the Islamic Arts Festival in the United Arab Emirates, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, NYC, Governors Island Art Fair, NYC, the National Museum of Romanian Literature, Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William and Mary, VA, Hunterdon Art Museum, Zuckerman Museum of Art-Kennesaw State University, GA. She is represented by K. Imperial Fine Art, San Francisco, CA and shows with Thomas Deans Fine Art in Atlanta, GA.


Watch and listen as Jaynie describes her process and inspiration.

Jaynie aims to involve buyers in dialogues around sustainability and art throughout her creation process. 

Work with her to conceive a one-of-a-kind, commissioned work using upcycled materials.  

Begin the conversation with Crate Gallery & Jaynie Crimmins to commission a unique artwork.