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Living Deep is an online marketplace of ecologically and socially responsible home and lifestyle products that are gentle on the earth, beautiful to behold and designed to last.

Living Deep means being purposeful about all of the decisions in your life.

It means aligning how you live with your values and ethical stance on issues ranging from human welfare to planetary welfare.

It means aligning what you do, what you buy, where and how you spend your money with choices that are responsible.

It means buying less stuff. Yes, we’re an ecommerce company that thinks you should buy less stuff.

It means curation; both the curation we do on our collection and the curation you do on your home.

Living Deep curators Tracy and Jason McLennan

Living Deep curators Tracy and Jason F. McLennan

Living Deep means beauty; beauty in both the things that surround you in your daily life and the experiences that you create for yourself.

Does it mean spending more for better quality? Yes, often it does, because the cheap stuff you typically see in stores comes with hidden ‘externalities’ such as child labor, unsafe or unhealthy worker conditions, habitat destruction and environmental pollution to the air, water and soil. It is only cheap because somewhere – someone else is paying for your cheap product – and its typically the poor as well as the environment generally.

When you buy ‘cheap’ stuff there is typically a vast, hidden series of unintended consequences – poor labor practices, pollution, climate impacts – and when things just break quickly or are thrown away after a short period it is even more irresponsible and unjustified.  

Please don’t buy cheap stuff – it simply costs the world too much when you consider the entire creation and delivery process.

And finally, Living Deep is an invitation. Please join us!