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Our "Minifesto"


Only Buy What You Need is not a manifesto, but a “minifesto” which summarizes succinctly our values for exercising restraint. Excessive consumerism is not a coincidence and it’s reached an all time high with over 70% of our nation's GDP fueled by personal purchase, yielding unfortunate economic and environmental consequences. Simply put, we’ve been equating “the good life” with “more stuff”.

So why on earth did we start an ecommerce business?

We believe in conscious capitalism. We support the companies and customers who value having fewer things of higher quality. We believe this mindset will fuel our future and lead to generations of regeneration.

Living Deep is a marketplace of ecologically and socially responsible goods that support sustainable production, responsible consumption, and paradigm-shifting conversation. Our marketplace is an eclectic curation of responsible furniture, décor, materials, and products. From one-of-a kind handcrafted wares to everyday essentials, each product meets our sustainability criteria. We provide total transparency, listing complete information on ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing. While there’s no universal standard for sustainable manufacturing, we feel good knowing that every brand we carry is on a ‘deep green’ path, making progress towards positive environmental and social benefit.

We don’t need another store. But perhaps we need more stores we can trust. Living Deep invites you to buy only what you need when you need it. Choose from a selection of options that are the most ethically and expertly made, gentle on the earth, beautiful to behold, and designed to last.