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Edible Landscape

Thrive Lot brings organic food production closer to home by designing, installing and maintaining edible landscapes and forest gardens.

The Thrive Lot Difference: Ecological Landscaping with Thrive Lot

  • Beautiful, bountiful, food-productive,

    multi-functional & ecologically-restorative.

  • Uses native plants adapted to survive in local

    conditions. Utilizes smart techniques such as

    rainwater catchment, passive irrigation & mulching.

  • Uses natural soil amendments to encourage

    microorganism activity that feeds the soil naturally.

  • A whole-systems design approach with nature

    in mind, creating rich connections among plants and trees that pick up much of a gardener’s work.

  • Adds curb appeal and creates significant

    economic, social & environmental benefits.

With Thrive Lot, yards are aesthetically pleasing, multi-functional, bountiful and ecologically diverse. We also developed an online platform that provides visionary homeowners with transparency and clarity in the landscape design experience. Every Thrive Lot project installed means more nutritious foods, better curb appeal, reduced reliance on fragile systems, and instilled respect for the land all around us. In agroecology, there is no true Before or After as plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and the connections among them will evolve to what the land wants and needs—or a state of succession.


Build Your Beautiful Edible Landscape


Start Your Project and tell us everything you envision for your home’s outdoor space. Then we'll schedule a Site Assessment where a Master Grower visits and analyzes your property's full potential.


Together with your Master Grower and dedicated Project Success Manager, we’ll create the framework for a future edible landscape design plan that’s reflective of your vision and values. We'll also share a quote for a Detailed Design and Plan.


Thrive Lot loves to push the limits on permaculture landscape design to create stunning, integrated and efficient systems that work in synergy with nature. This will be evident in your Detailed Design and Stewardship Plan, which lists the nuts and bolts of establishing and growing a regenerative, edible landscape that will serve you, not just today, but for many years to come. Your Detailed Design includes a scaled landscape site plan, a plant palette for each zone, cool details about each plant / tree / shrub / flower, plus a breakdown of labor hours, materials, equipment rentals needed, and a timeline of completion for each project phase.

Such a comprehensive plan sets up your ecological landscaping with succession planting, as well as long-term viability of your land.


Your Master Grower and skilled specialists follow your Stewardship Plan to install and sustain your dream edible landscape. Soon, our interactive platform will allow you to communicate directly with us and your Master Grower, monitor your project status in real-time, and visualize your property's full potential.

Depending on your project, an ecologically-sensitive landscape or forest garden may require some maintenance or occasional intelligent intervention. Similar to doctor’s checkups, we can also schedule Grower Visits to ensure your plants, trees and integrated systems are shipshape. All Thrive Lot projects are Certified Wildlife Habitat®. Enjoy your growing, thriving lot for years to come!

What is agroecological systems design?

It’s a multi-disciplinary art form that draws from physical sciences, architecture, nutrition, and the observation of natural systems. The ethical underpinnings that guide our work are simple yet powerful: take care of earth, take care of the people, and share the surplus

At Thrive Lot, we approach each project with four design principles in mind:

1. Aesthetically Pleasing - We aim for all-season interest by using visual characteristics of plants and perennials, and its placement within your property, to create stunning spaces and pique your neighbor’s curiosity.

2. Multi-Functional & Bountiful - All things in nature do more than one thing. We install plants and trees that perform a variety of ecological services, and evolve to what the land wants and needs—or a state of succession.

3. Interesting & Integrated - We design guilds that build rich connections among flowers, trees, shrubs and plants, picking up much of a gardener’s work. This integrates humans and wildlife in the landscape’s webwork.

4. Ecologically Diverse - Our designs work towards regeneration, helping to restore soil health, create habitat for diverse species, reduce harsh chemical inputs, and replenish much-needed water reserves.

How did we curate this product?

While there’s no universal standard for sustainable manufacturing, Living Deep is committed to supporting brands, makers and manufacturers that are on a ‘deep green’ path, making progress towards positive environmental and social benefit. As we consider how this product impacts our health and the health of all species, you can learn more about how we evaluate products, or keep reading below for our curation of this specific product...

Where does the product come from?

Our plant products come mostly from local and regional nurseries, with a few sourced from national nurseries and seed sellers. Most mulch and soil building organic matter is sourced from local tree cutters, and building material is sourced from local building material sellers if needed.

What is it made of?

Our projects typically include 30-80+ species of beneficial plants, trees, and mushrooms, mostly native and perennial for minimum maintenance and maximum ecological benefit.

Where does it go at the end of its life?

At the end of their life, plants return to build soil for their offspring and their neighbors. Many of the trees and perennials will outlive their keepers though!

COMPANY statement

Thrive Lot is on a mission to create food abundance.

Together with Master Growers, we transform traditional yards into beautiful, edible landscapes and forest gardens through agroecological systems design.

Where most simply see green grass, Thrive Lot identifies endless opportunities for natural systems to provide nourishment and habitat for all organic life on earth. 

By changing landscapes, we change lives.

Our company was founded by a renegade team who thought there must be a better, more sustainable way to grow food without harsh chemical input, soil erosion, landscape degradation, or the use of unnatural methods.

At Thrive Lot, we believe in a culture that gives more than it takes. By contributing 10% of our annual profits to the Thrive Lot Foundation, we are able to nourish the needs of our local communities.

With our Master Growers, we help plant the seeds for beautiful landscapes and food sovereignty for our fellow citizens who need it the most, but don’t have the means to invest themselves.


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