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Into the Weeds, 2020 By Daina Higgins

Inspired by the inner suburbs of New York and Philadelphia, Higgins explores the “unheroic landscapes” on the margins of major cities.

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  • 2020, Gouache on paper

  • 12 x 16 inches

  • Framed

  • Underrepresented artist



In collaboration with New York and London based art advisory __crate, we present this collectible artwork from artist Daina Higgins, who takes her inspiration from the inner suburbs of New York and Philadelphia, and explores drama and depth in these often 'unseen' spaces. 

Through fine art, you are not only supporting emerging and mid-career artists, but also welcoming their diverse perspectives and stories into your individual spaces. 


2020, Gouache on paper. 12 x 16 inches. Includes signed authentication paperwork.

Exchanges & Refunds:

No exchanges or refunds. If paintings are damaged during transit, please contact Crate Gallery to begin the repair process.

How did we curate this product?

While there’s no universal standard for sustainable manufacturing, Living Deep is committed to supporting brands, makers and manufacturers that are on a ‘deep green’ path, making progress towards positive environmental and social benefit. As we consider how this product impacts our health and the health of all species, you can learn more about how we evaluate products, or keep reading below for our curation of this specific product...

Where does the product come from?

Daina Higgins is a Philadelphia based artist.

What is it made of?

Oil on birch panel.

Where does it go at the end of its life?

As art is timeless, the product is not meant to ever reach an "end of life" phase. Should a piece of fine art become damaged, we’d want the owner to contact us so we could consult with the artist about possible repairs.

artist statement

Daina Higgins is a Philadelphia based artist. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, she moved to New York to complete her BFA at the School of Visual Arts and her MFA at Queens College CUNY. Inspired by the inner suburbs of New York and Philadelphia, Higgins explores the “unheroic landscapes” on the margins of major cities. As an urban landscape artist, she paints the built environment and focuses on the “non-places” and everyday scenes that are often unseen by tourists. Her work cherishes spaces on the periphery, reflecting the depth, drama, and ephemerality of subjects within these locations.

Career Highlights - Exhibitions: The Woodmere Art Museum (2021), Contemporary Art Matters in Columbus, Ohio (2020), Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY (2012), Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus, Ohio (2009), Queens International 4 at The Queens Museum, NY (2009), University of LaVerne’s Harris Art Gallery (2009) - Installations: Paintings on permanent view in the Pennsylvania Convention Center - Awards/Grants: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (2019 and 2020), Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant (2009), - Featured in: The New York Times, ArtNews, The New York Sun, The Village Voice, The Columbus Dispatch, and The Brooklyn Rail. For more information on Daina, visit https://dainahiggins.com.

Commission Artwork:

Are you interested in a work but would prefer a different size or color? Work directly with the artist to create a unique piece following your personal specifications. Please contact hello@crate-gallery.com for inquiries. 


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