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Mooda Mirror 18

The Mooda Mirror is composed of a set of dowels stitched together to create a beautiful geometric edge around the glass. The mirror in turn reflects the dowels along its circumference, completing the traditional form of the Mooda. 

  • 10-16 week shipping

  • 100% FSC wood

  • 100% organic wool

  • Hand stitched cushions

Award Winning Furniture and Lighting Design Studio

The Mooda Collection is derived from an Indian technique of stitching together sticks of cane or bamboo to create a low stool called Mooda. Made up of two layers of slender sticks stitched in opposite directions, Moodas create an extraordinary curved form - a hyperboloid in geometry - that convinces even the observant eye there is not a single straight line in its structure.

Ubiquitous in households across the subcontinent, they are used in kitchens, living rooms or outdoor areas and have withstood the test of time. They are constantly being shaped into new forms by craftsmen looking to expand the capabilities of this technique, whether that be larger armchairs, couches or the wicker peacock thrones. Each region that produces them does so with their own distinct style and locally available materials. As parts of the country become more industrialized or commercial, craftsmen have switched over from using all natural rope and twine to create stools and replaced them with colorful nylon cord and sticks covered in metallic foils, taking an object that usually blends with its surroundings and making it the centerpiece of the space.

Learning this technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, we reimagined ways in which it could be used beyond simple seating.


Available in two American hardwoods and a range of finishes, they are perfect for powder rooms, hallways or above a mantle.

Mirror Size:
Ø23" X D4" (Ø18" mirror)

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company statement

INDO- is an award winning contemporary furniture and object design studio based in Providence, RI and New Delhi, India.

Founded by Urvi Sharma and Manan Narang, both of whom grew up in New Delhi and met in Providence while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, INDO- is a product of living in and experiencing both places and cultures.

Experimenting with traditional craft processes to create contemporary objects, INDO- produces work that is both innovative and acknowledges the places and people who inspire it.

In 2021, INDO- made its TV debut with Urvi as a contestant and Manan as her helper on Ellen's Next Great Designer, a furniture design and build competition hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and streaming now on HBO Max.

Over the last two years, INDO- has received multiple awards and nominations, including the NYCxDESIGN Emerging Product Designer Award, Dwell 24 Emerging Designers and the Providence Design Catalyst Grant in 2019. Furthermore, its work has also been nominated for competitions in highly reputable shows such as WantedDesign Launchpad and IMM Cologne Pure Talents Contest in 2019.


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