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uHoo Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor for Home

Wondering why you haven't been sleeping well at night? Or why you always seem to get allergies doing the laundry? No need to guess when you can see exactly what you breathe with uHoo.

  • Estimated Shipping: 1-2 days

  • Compatible with IOS and Android

  • Helps you monitor the air you breathe

  • Get alerts and notifications sent to your phone

  • Comes with one-year warranty

  • Federal Communications Commission Certified

  • TELEC Certified

  • Korea Certification

  • PSE Certified

  • REACH Certified

  • Conformitè Europëenne Certified

  • RoHS Certified



Keep your family safe with the most advanced air quality sensor. Monitor nine air quality factors that affect health and well-being, with real time insights, virus index, and smart home integration. Get alerts, tips, and insights on how to manage your indoor air quality. All the information you need can be found in a beautiful interface that anyone in the family can understand. With a striking design, uHoo blends into any space seamlessly, adding a modern touch wherever it’s placed.

Winner of the CES Innovation Award for 2020. 

Each box comes neatly packed with the following items: uHoo unit, Micro USB cable and Country-specific power adapter. Shipments to Australia and New Zealand will receive UK adapters

Sensors include: 

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

Dust (PM2.5)

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂)

Relative Humidity

Air Pressure

Carbon Monoxide (CO)


Airborne Chemicals (VOCs)

Ozone (O₃)


Dimensions: Height: 161mm or 6.3 inches

Diameter: 85mm or 3.3 inches

Weight: 270g or 0.6lbs

Shipping Size: 25cm x 12.5cm x 8.2cm

Shipping Weight: 0.75 kg or 1.65 lbs

Security: 128-bit AES end-to-end encryption

Body Material: ABS thermoplastic polymer

Processor: 32-bit ARM-based

Base Material: Silicone rubber with stainless steel insert

User interfaces: Native iOS and Android apps

Status indicator: RGB LED

Certifications: FCC, CE, PSE, TELEC, NTC, KC, REACH, RoHS

Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)

Power Consumption: 900mW (normal operation) and 1.5W (data transmission)

Operating Humidity: 0% to 100% non-condensin


Wi-Fi Network: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz with WPA2-Personal security. Dedicated 5GHz Wi-Fi network and Enterprise security not supported

Power Supply: 5V/2A USB adapter and cable (provided by uHoo)

Interface: Smartphone or tablet - iOS 11 (64-bit devices) or Android 4.2 and above

Software: Free uHoo mobile app and Free uHoo account

Exchanges & Refunds:

You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued. uHoo will replace your defective uHoo device if they satisfactorily determine that the claimed defect warrants replacement. Please ensure that the uHoo device you are returning is repackaged with all the cords, adapters and documentation that were included when you received it. Shipment shall generally be for your account. We will shoulder shipment for replacement units. For additional info contact uHoo.

How did we curate this product?

While there’s no universal standard for sustainable manufacturing, Living Deep is committed to supporting brands, makers and manufacturers that are on a ‘deep green’ path, making progress towards positive environmental and social benefit. As we consider how this product impacts our health and the health of all species, you can learn more about how we evaluate products, or keep reading below for our curation of this specific product...

Where does the product come from?

The product is manufactured in Taiwan and ships to our warehouses in either Milford OH, or Hong Kong for shipment to customers across the world.

What is it made of?

Body is made of ABS thermoplastic polymer. Base made of silicone rubber with stainless steel insert.

Where does it go at the end of its life?

For any units that have reached its end of life and sent back to uHoo, they are bulk shipped back to our manufacturing facility in Taiwan. The product is then dismantled. Parts that can be recycled are recycled while parts that are no longer usable are disposed of responsibly, in accordance with electronics waste disposal laws in Taiwan.

COMPANY statement

uHoo's mission it tohelp you monitor and manage your air quality to reduce deaths and improve lives, health and well-being globally.

Founders: Dustin Onghanseng, CEO and Co-Founder and Brian Lin, CTO and Co-Founder.

uHoo was founded by two friends, Dustin and Brian, who both share a passion for technology, heath, and the environment. While taking their MBA in HKUST, both often suffered from allergy and asthma attacks due to poor indoor air quality in their school. Frustrated, they dropped their classes and built uHoo to help people with similar respiratory problems and to ultimately promote health, safety, and well-being for all.