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Please enjoy this Winter Preview in anticipation of our Full Premiere summer 2021
Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle / Wooden Climbing Frame

This wooden climbing frame encourages children to move freely and without restriction, teaching them to move carefully and fall safely.

  • Estimated Shipping: 8-12 weeks
  • Medium and large sizes available

  • Made of high-grade Pinewood

  • Available in a wide range of colors

  • Encourages free play



Inspired by the work of Dr. Pikler, Wiwiurka created the foldable climbing frame. Emmi Pikler was convinced that a child who is allowed to move freely and without restriction is more careful and learns how to fall safely, whereas children who are overprotected and whose movements are restricted puts them in more danger because they have not experienced their own capacities and limits.

Made of high-grade, UNFINISHED Mexican Pinewood.

Painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

Please do not leave your children unattended.

Place a non slip mat under it.

ASSEMBLY TUTORIALS - Most of our products are packed disassembled. We stopped including printed tutorials in our packages in an effort to become more eco-friendly. Please refer to the following assembly links: Assembly Tutorial and YouTube Pikler Triangle Tutorial

Shipping costs included in price.


Made of high-grade, unfinished Mexican Pinewood. Painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.


Dimensions: 38" tall when folded up;  34" tall when unfolded;  24" width.

Maximum weight: 100 lbs / 45 kg; footprint: 33" x 24 1/2"

Recommended ages: from One to five years old kids


Dimensions: 42" tall when folded up;  37" tall when unfolded;  24 1/2" width

Maximum weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg; footprint 38" x 24 1/2

Recommended ages: 18 months- seven years old kids

If you ordered an unfinished item, we suggest that you apply a clear, acrylic wood sealant of your choice before assembling. Besides protecting the paint and finish, the sealant makes cleaning easier. Please allow the sealant to dry out completely before assembly. Beeswax wooden cream and linseed oil are not ideal finishes for easy cleaning.

Wiwiurka provides a one-year warranty as of the delivery date. Wiwiurka will not provide a refund or replacement pieces if there is damage resulting from alteration, misuse, improper assembly and/or from the disregard of our use and maintenance recommendations:

 - Overall, the wood is not treated for outdoor use without a special treatment. None of our climbing structures should be used outdoors (except for the wooden       rope climbers, swings and trapeze bars for outdoors). If the item needs to go outside you may apply a treatment to avoid contact with water/humidity and you       should protect the item against sunlight. Weathering may cause effects of moisture and cracking decreasing the item’s lifespan significantly.

 - To clean Wiwiurka’s climbing furniture use a dry, soft cloth for items in natural finish (unpainted or in color) without sealant. If sealant was applied to the               climbing furniture you may use a slightly damp cloth with no side effects.

 - Avoid contact with water since this will damage the Wood; contact with liquids may wash-out the paint leaving stains.

 - For climbers, trapeze bars and swings, which can be made for outdoor use, we suggest to apply an outdoors treatment once a year to keep the item in the best    conditions. During the rainy and snow seasons they should be safeguarded to avoid shortening the lifespan.

 - Products finished with natural or vegetal materials can be treated with a coat of coconut oil or beeswax in order to extend the lifespan.

 - You may request replacement wooden or hardware pieces, which may represent a minimum cost depending on the reason for the need.

Any fault or inconvenience at delivery should be notified immediately to follow up and provide a solution.

Contact: hello@wiwiurka.com

Exchanges & Refunds: 

This item is made to order. All sales are final. No returns are allowed.

How did we curate this product?

While there’s no universal standard for sustainable manufacturing, Living Deep is committed to supporting brands, makers and manufacturers that are on a ‘deep green’ path, making progress towards positive environmental and social benefit. As we consider how this product impacts our health and the health of all species, you can learn more about how we evaluate products, or keep reading below for our curation of this specific product...

Where does the product come from?

Wiwiurka is created in Tepoztlán, México using Mexican Pinewood and European Birch Plywood.

What is it made of?

High-grade, unfinished Mexican Pinewood. Painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

Where does it go at the end of its life?

Except for the hardware, this product is biodegradable.

COMPANY statement

Joy + Aesthetics + Connection.

"Our first handcrafted playset area came into life in 2010 resulting from Marek’s talent and creativity, using the very same pieces of wood that he had brought home from his last sustainable tree trimming session, which was his full-time profession. The wooden pieces were so beautiful he just could not let them end up as firewood! After that very first set of swings, many more playsets, tree-houses and wooden playthings came into being.

Over the years Wiwiurka has focused on the creation of children's furniture, inspired by Pikler, Montessori and Waldorf’s pedagogical proposals, promoting active and creative play, especially gross motor development.

Our products’ high quality, innovation, and aesthetics have positioned us as a point of reference in children's furniture worldwide.

Thank you for supporting artisan’s handwork, one toy at the time!"

 - Ana & Marek