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You are More Beautiful Now (36”x 36”)

Acrylic on Canvas - 2021

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  • 2021, acrylic on canvas

  • 36 x 36 inches

  • Unframed


A unique piece of Art by Tracy is an expression of emotion on canvas designed to inspire a beautiful respite for the viewer.

Signed by the painter and given a certificate of authenticity and date of completion.


Name: You are More Beautiful Now

Artist: Tracy Moore McLennan 

Size: 36" x 36"

Medium: Acrylic

Material: Canvas

Year: 2021

How did we curate this product?

While there’s no universal standard for sustainable manufacturing, Living Deep is committed to supporting brands, makers and manufacturers that are on a ‘deep green’ path, making progress towards positive environmental and social benefit. As we consider how this product impacts our health and the health of all species, you can learn more about how we evaluate products, or keep reading below for our curation of this specific product...

Where does the product come from?

Bainbridge Island, WA

What is it made of?

Canvas, wood, acrylic paint, ink

Where does it go at the end of its life?

Hopefully product will continue to inspire and/or hold sentimental meaning and will pass from generation to generation or another admirer

DESIGNER statement

Tracy Moore McLennan is a Seattle based artist currently living on Bainbridge Island, WA with her her husband, Jason McLennan and their large creative family of kids and dogs. 

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Tracy completed her BA in Art History at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Tracy has always felt a strong connection to art and children, so it is no surprise that she had four of her own and fell in love with being a mother and abstract painter. 

Painting is a cathartic process for her as she taps into her own personal depths of grief, joy, trauma and love while expressing emotions on canvas as a kind of disorganized chaos, with texture and beauty. She came to painting later in life and uses intuition and internal suggestions that somehow feel to her like psychic guides and gestures of natural and undulating brushstrokes. 

She hopes to inspire a beautiful respite for the viewer. A place to briefly escape a weary head and heart for a moment of contemplation, exploration, release and renewal. 


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